Manage Your Inventory

Easily create, edit and track your inventory using advanced inventory management tools such as Bulk Edit, Product Import/Export and Inventory Tracking down to the product variant level, if desired. You can even receive alerts when your inventory drops below your predefined thresholds to ensure that you always have items on hand to satisfy your customers' needs.

Encourage Repeat Customers

Your customers can easily create accounts with your store, allowing them to quickly and simply become repeat buyers. Powerful integrated email marketing tools allow you to maintain contact with your customers and keep bringing them back to your shop.

Process Orders with Ease

Our advanced order management dashboard allows you to view your orders at a glance and process them in bulk or individually. Mark orders as shipped, add detailed notes, process refunds and moreā€”all from one integrated order management console.

Keep Your Site Up to Date

Easy-to-use, browser-based tools make it a snap to keep your site current fresh and up to date for your needs. From image management to shipping configurations, to custom tax setups, and everything in between, Auctiva Commerce makes it simple to update your store.