Auctiva Commerce now offers the ability to watermark your images. This tutorial describes how to watermark images in Auctiva Commerce. Please note that watermarking permanently changes your image in your Auctiva Commerce account. Be sure that you have a copy elsewhere if that is important to you.

How to watermark an Auctiva Commerce image

  • Hover your mouse over the Inventory tab and click on the Add/Manage images link.
  • Click on the watermark water droplet for the image you want to watermark. The watermark control panel will load.
  • Choose your watermark options.
  • If you want to set the selected watermark options as your default watermark click on the Set Default button.
  • Click the Preview button. Note: Use the Preview button each time you make a change to the watermark options.
  • Once you are happy with the watermark, click the SAVE button and confirm that you want to watermark the image.
  • You will be taken back to the Manage Images page.
  • Your image is now permanently watermarked.
  • To watermark multiple images at once select the checkbox next to the images you would like to watermark and click on the Watermark Selected Images button. This will apply your default watermark to these images.

There are numerous watermark options that you can use when creating your watermark. Some are simple while others are more advanced. Each is described in brief below.

  • Watermark Text: This is the base text for your watermark. Maximum 50 characters.
  • Distance: For watermarks that use two text colors (for example for shadow or outlining) this option defines the distance between the two colors.
  • Effect: For watermarks that use two text colors this option defines the effect applied to the distance between the two colors.
  • Opacity: Sets the tranparency of the watermark. The higher the number the less opaque the watermark.
  • Color 1: Foreground color of watermark.
  • Color 2: Background color of watermark.
  • Distortion: Type of distortion applied to watermark. If used the Degree option is required.
  • Degree: Amount of distortion to apply to watermark.
  • Font Size: Size of watermark text in pixels.
  • Rotation: Degrees of rotation of watermark text.
  • Position: Position of watermark text on the image.

NOTE: Only the main image is watermarked. This completes the basic process for watermarking Auctiva Commerce images.


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