How to verify your store with Google Webmaster Tools

Auctiva Commerce will allow you to verify with Google that you are the owner of the store. This will allow you to implement Google Webmaster Tools for you Auctiva Commerce store. This tutorial will show you how to verify your store.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools are useful to store owners because it allows them to better understand how Google sees their website. These tools can be used to enhance their store's search rankings, which can ultimately drive more visitor traffic to the store. Google Webmaster Tools are free.

How to verify your store with Google Webmaster Tools

You must verify your store with Google Webmaster Tools so that you can prove that you own the site. This process requires that you register with Google Webmaster Tools to get a unique verification code. You will then need to enter this code in Auctiva Commerce Administration to complete the verification.

Step 1. Register for an account with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Go to to start your account. If you already have a Google account (e.g., Gmail, Analytics, Base, etc.), you can sign in using your Google account information. If you do not have a Google account click on the Sign Up link to start a new account.
  • When you are logged in to the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard, enter your store URL and click on the Add Site button. The Overview page will load.
  • Click on the "Verify your site" link. The Verify a Site page will load.
  • Choose the "Add a meta tag" option from the drop-down box. The meta tag will display. You will only need to copy the content section of this code. Select and copy the unique code between the quotation marks in the content property (e.g., aaUwQoGZMghGkhqwmFDIXaIvicJx5tCDwaPabNRRAE=).
Step 2. Enter verification code in Auctiva Commerce.
  • Now, we'll enter this code into Auctiva Commerce administration. Make sure to leave the Verify a Site page open. We'll return to this page once we've entered this code into administration.
  • In a new Internet browser window, log in to your Auctiva Commerce Administration.
  • Go to Marketing> Search Engine Optimization> Meta Data & Site Integration.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the "Google Webmaster Tools- Site Verification" section.
  • Enter the unique verification code into the empty field above the Save Verification button.
  • Click on the Save Verification button. The meta tag has now been added to your store.
Step 3. Verify site in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Go back to the Verify a Site page on your Google Webmaster Tools account and click on the Verify button. Google will check for this unique meta tag in your store. Your store will be verified when it finds this meta tag. If the verification fails, check to make sure you entered the verification code correctly.

This completes the task of verifying your store with Google Webmasters Tool.


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