How to use the Preview feature in the Store Designer

Welcome! The new Auctiva Commerce Store Designer allows you to customize your storefront in many ways including the ability to add Custom CSS, Custom Images and more! Considering that these changes can have dramatic impacts on your storefront we have included a robust Preview feature so that you can Preview a draft version of your Store Designer theme before publishing it live. This tutorial will cover the basics of using the Preview feature in the Store Designer.

  1. Using the Preview feature in the Store Designer is quite simple. After you have edited a page on your draft theme click on the Green Preview button. If you are on the Edit Layout tab this will open your draft theme in preview mode in a new window; starting on the page that is selected in the drop-down. If you are on any of the other tabs clicking on the Preview button will launch your draft theme in preview mode starting with the Home page. Once in preview mode you can navigate through your draft theme just like your real store so that you can verify that any edits your have made to your draft theme are displaying as expected.
  2. Important Notes on the Preview feature. Many pages on the store normally require specific parameters to be passed to them in order to display properly. For instance the Product page requires a product ID, while the category display pages require category IDs in order to display the correct data. If you start your page preview from the Edit Layout tab this information is not available - to get around this problem we will use the first valid data point we can find for the page that is being previewed. For example for the Product page we will show the first Product in your store (IE: the one with the lowest product ID). This feature allows you to preview pages on your draft theme without navigating to them in Preview mode. Note that if you start your preview from the Home page this is not an issue. Also Note that there are also some widgets that will not preview properly without corresponding store data - in these cases we will not display any data in the Preview.

The new Auctiva Commerce Store Designer customization tools are a powerful set of features which will allow you to customize your store. Given the impacts customizations can have to your storefront it is very important that you utilize the Preview feature on your draft theme before publishing it live. As always, if you need more help you can always find it on the Auctiva Commerce Help Site. Also take a look at our community forums to network with other sellers and see how they're creating great stores.

Happy Selling!


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