How to upload images in Auctiva Commerce

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Auctiva Commerce will upload product images from your computer right from the Internet browser window. The maximum file size for an image is 3.5MB. An image file exceeding this file size will not upload. You will need to make sure that the images are accessible and in the proper format (i.e., GIF and JPEG). Also, the Internet browser will need to have either an ActiveX plug-in for Internet Explorer or a Java plug-in (version 1.6 or above) for all other browsers installed. This install is only required once and may already be installed in the Internet browser. If your browser prompts you to install the plug-in, follow the instructions.

Before uploading images, consider if a new Image Folder will need to be created for the images. An Image Folder can be created in the Image Manager (Inventory> Image Manager). NOTE: Images edited with Corel Photo Paint do not upload correctly. Please use an image editor other than Corel Photo Paint for your Auctiva Commerce images.

Step 1. Find images.
  • Go to Inventory> Upload Images. The Auctiva Commerce Image Uploader will load. If not, make sure the proper Java plug-in is installed.
  • The left-hand panel of the Image Uploader is the Navigation Tree. Find the location of the images to be uploaded by expanding the directory of folders. These folders represent the computer's file system. This is not the file system for Auctiva Commerce.
  • Click on the folder that contains the images. The images will display in the top-right Image Browser panel.
Step 2. Select images.
  • Click on the images to select them or click the Select All button to select all images in that folder. Once all the images from that folder are select proceed to Step 3.

Tip: Using the mouse, hover over an image in the Image Browser panel to reveal special image options. An image can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. An image can also be magnified, but only for viewing purposes.

Step 3. Add images.
  • Click on the Add button to add the selected images from the Image Browser panel to the Upload panel. The Upload panel is a queue for images that are waiting to be uploaded. Once the images are in this panel, you can navigate to a different folder in the Navigation Tree panel. Then, more images can be selected and added to the Upload panel.

Tip: An image can be dragged from the Image Browser panel to the Upload panel. Also, all the images in the Image Browser panel can be added to the Upload panel by clicking on the Add All button.

Step 4. Review images.
  • Using the mouse, hover over an image in the Upload panel to reveal image options. Images can be rotated, magnified (for viewing only), or removed from this panel. The "X" icon will remove the image from the Upload panel when this icon is clicked.
Step 5. Choose a folder.
  • Select which folder will be the destination for the uploaded images. The "No Folder" option will upload images to the root directory of the Auctiva Commerce image folder. Images can be moved to folders using the Image Manager at a later time.
  • Click on the Upload button. An Upload Progress Bar will display until the upload is complete.

This completes the task of uploading images to Auctiva Commerce. The images will not be displayed on the storefront until they are assigned to individual products. See the "How to add images to a product" tutorial for more information. You can review uploaded images using the Image Manager (go to Inventory> Image Manger).


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