Splitting a shipment will allow you to create multiple shipments and divide ordered products into the appropriate shipments. This tutorial will show you how to split a shipment in Auctiva Commerce.

What is a split shipment?

A split shipment is a function that allows you to separate items into different shipments. Items will appear in the same shipment when an order is made except for when an item is specifically marked as "Ship Separately" or when a customer chooses to ship to multiple addresses at checkout. You may need to create a split shipment if your customer wanted their order to be shipped to more than one location but forgot to specify this during check out. A customer's order may also surpass a weight maximum so that the shipment will need to be split into two or more separate shipments. You may also have to split a shipment if some of the items ordered are on back order.

How to split a shipment

If you are working with an integrated carrier and the "Split Shipments" feature is enabled, the shipping charges will reflect additional shipment charges when the maximum weight is surpassed. This will give you a more accurate shipping charge in the event that you need to split a shipment, however it does not actually split the shipment for you. You must do this yourself in the Order administration.

Step 1. Find the order.
  • Click the Orders icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the Order Manager.
  • Find the order number of the order that will have a split shipment. Click on the "Details" link to the right of the order to load the Summary page of the order.
Step 2. Split the shipment.
  • Click the Shipments tab. This will load the Shipments page.
  • Click the Split button for the shipment that should be split into multiple shipments.
  • In the Move box, enter the quantity of items in this line item that will be moved to another shipment.
  • Select "New Shipment" in the Move To drop-down box, or choose another shipment if you already created an additional shipment.

Note: You can also move Shipping Methods and other non-product items from one shipment to another. If you need to add shipping charges or other non-product items to a new shipment, you can click on the Edit Order Items tab and click on the Add Other Item button. Be aware that adding new shipping charges will change the ending balance of an order.

  • Click the Move Items button. This will take you back to the Shipments page, where your new shipment, as well as your original one, will be displayed with the divided items in the corresponding shipments.

This completes the task of splitting a shipment. You can also change the shipping address of either shipment in the Shipments page by clicking the Edit button per shipment. You can edit or delete shipments using the Edit and Delete buttons on this page, too.


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