How to send email to a customer in Auctiva Commerce

There's a simple way to email a customer within Auctiva Commerce while processing a customer's order. This technique is extremely useful if you need to get in touch with a customer to address a concern about an order. This tutorial will show you how to email a customer.

How to send an email to a customer

On occasion, you may need to send a customer an email message when processing their order. The easiest way to do that is through the Order Manager.

Step 1. Find the order.

The first thing to do is to find the order of the customer you need to contact.

  • In Auctiva Commerce Administration, click on the Orders icon on the top-right of the page to load the Order Manager.
  • Use the Search tools to find the order if necessary.
  • Click on the Details link for the appropriate customer's order. The Order Summary page will load.
Step 2. Compose and send an email.
  • In the "Bill To" section, the customer's email address will display. Click on the customer's email address. The Send Message page will load.
  • Choose the Blank Message option for the email template.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • From Address: Enter the address which will appear as the sender. This is the email address the customer will use to reply to your email message. This field is required.
  • Subject: Enter a subject for your email message.
  • Message: Enter your email message.
  • Select the Send HTML checkbox if the message you are sending is coded in HTML.
  • Click the Send button. A confirmation message will appear.

This completes the task of sending an email message to a customer.


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