How to search for an order in the Order Manager page

You can search orders in the Order Manager page. There is both a basic search and an advanced search tool. These tools are useful to find specific orders in a vast field of order numbers.

Introduction to the Order Manager page

Click on the Orders icon located in the top-right corner of the Auctiva Commerce administration. The Order Manager page will load. A list of the most current orders will appear in the Orders table in the Search Orders box. Here is the description of each column in this table:

  • Check box: The check box in the header of the table selects all orders contained in the Search Order box when the box is checked. You can also selectively check boxes of per order. This is useful for when you need to update multiple orders all at once.
  • Order #: displays a number that is assigned to an order.
  • Status: displays the Order Status for an order. The Order Status is the current state of the order (see Order Status below).
  • Customer: displays the customer's name.
  • Amount: displays the total amount of the order. This includes all coupons, discounts, taxes and shipping charges.
  • Date: displays the date the order was placed.
  • Payment: displays the status of the payment process.
  • Shipment: displays the status or the shipping process

How to search for an order

You can search for orders in the Search Order box in the Order Manager page. Follow these instructions:

Step 1. Search orders (Basic).
  • Click on the Orders icon on the top-right corner of the Auctiva Commerce administration.
  • This is the Order Manager page.
  • Order Status: Select the order status for the search.
  • Payment Status: Select the Payment Status for the search. The "Unpaid" option will return all orders that have not been completed.
  • Shipment Status: Select the Shipment Status for the search.
  • Date Range: Select the date range for the search.
  • Page Size: Select the page size for the search. The page size will return that respective number of items per page of the search.
  • Click on the Search button to complete the search.

That completes a basic search for orders. Follow the next step to learn how to complete an advanced search.

Step 2. Search orders (Advanced).

If the Order Manager page is not displayed, click on the Orders button on the top right hand of the Auctiva Commerce administration. This is the Order Manager page.

  • Click on the advanced search link in the top-right side of the Search Orders box. These additional input fields will appear:
    • Order Number: Enter in the Order Number "from" value and "to" value. This will return a range of order numbers.
    • Keyword: Enter in a keyword in the Find input field. Define what field in the Order Details the search will query for the keyword.
  • Resume with additional criteria from the basic search as needed.
  • Click on the Search button.

This completes the Advanced Search function in the Order Manager page. Use the search tool to find orders that need to be processed or edited.


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