How to merge a Shipment

The Merge Shipments feature allows you to combine multiple shipments into one shipment. This tutorial will show you how to merge shipments.

How to merge multiple shipments

You can move items from one shipment to another by merging shipments. The Merge button will only appear if at least two shipments are marked as "unshipped."

Step 1. Find the order.
  • Click the Orders icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the Order Manager.
  • Find the order number of the order you need to merge. Click on the "Details" link to the right of the order to load the Summary page of the order.
Step 2. Merge shipments.
  • Click the Shipments tab. The Shipments page will load.
  • Click the Merge button of the shipment that will have its products moved to a different shipment.
  • Move These Items To: Choose the shipment that will be the destination for these line items.
  • Click the Merge button. The items will display in the desired shipment in the Shipments page and the shipment that merged will be deleted.

This completes the task of merging a shipment. You can Edit and Split shipments as necessary for the Shipments page.


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