How to manage currencies in Auctiva Commerce

Your Auctiva Commerce store can manage different currencies throughout the store. You can create new currencies and exchange rates for your store. This gives you a great deal of flexibility that allows customers to see prices in the currency of their choice. This tutorial will explain how to add and edit currencies.

How to add a currency

The base currency for your Auctiva Commerce store is the U.S. Dollar (USD) by default. You can easily change this by adding a new currency, then deleting the USD currency. The base currency is always the currency displayed in administration. But, this does not have to be the currency that will also display to your customers in your store. A variety of new currencies can be added in your store settings. The new currencies and their respective exchange rates will convert to the base currency. Make sure you're exchange rates are up to date when your store is using different currencies.

Step 1. Add a currency.
  • Go to Store> Configure> Currencies.
  • Locate the Add Currency box in the Manage Currencies page.
  • Name: Enter the name of the currency.
  • ISO Code: Enter the ISO Code for the currency you wish to add. You can find a comprehensive list of ISO Codes at the OANDA Web site.
  • Symbol: Enter the currency's display symbol. For example, enter "$" for USD. When in doubt, do a Google search for information on how to key in currency symbols.
  • Choose either the Automatic Exchange Rate option to get automatic currency exchange rates or the Manual Exchange Rate option to manually insert the exchange rate. The exchange rate will be used to convert the currency to the base currency of your store.
  • If you select the Automatic Exchange Rate option, locate the Automatic Exchange Rate box on the Manage Currencies page and select an exchange rate provider in the Provider options field. If you do not choose a provider, Auctiva Commerce will not automatically update the exchange rate.
Step 2. Edit More Display Options.

If necessary, click on the More Display Options in the Add Currency box. This will expand the window to show more display options. These options may not be relevant to the way the currency should be displayed. If there needs to be any slight adjustment, they can be made here.

  • Display Format: This option allows for several currency display formats, where the "$" symbol is the currency symbol chosen in Step 1 and "n" is the value of that currency. Example: "$n" displays like "$5.00"
  • Negative Format: This option has additional currency display formats for negative values.
  • Show ISO Code: Choose whether or not the ISO Code for the currency will display. When displayed, you can choose to put the ISO Code in front of the Display Format or after the Display Format.
  • Negative Sign: Enter in the character that will be the display sign for a negative value.
  • Decimal Separator: Enter in the character that will be the display sign for the decimal separator.
  • Decimal Digits: Enter in the number of digits past the decimal separator that will display on the store.
  • Group Separator: Enter in the character that separates groups of integers to the left of the decimal separator.
  • Group Size: Enter in the number of integers that make a group at the left of the decimal separator.
  • Click on the Save button to finish.

This completes the task of adding a new currency to an Auctiva Commerce store. You can add as many currencies to your store as necessary. Customers that are registered with your store can change the currency they see in their account settings.


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