How to improve your search rankings in Auctiva Commerce Shop

The Auctiva Commerce Shop page provides a search feature that returns products in the search results. This is a good way for your store to get some exposure and visitor traffic. This tutorial will show you how to improve your search rankings in Auctiva Commerce Shop.

What is the Auctiva Commerce Shop page?

The Auctiva Commerce Shop page is a resource for shoppers to search for products on Auctiva Commerce stores. This is a great utility for Auctiva Commerce store owners to find products to purchase from other store owners and help support the Auctiva Commerce network of stores.

How to improve your search rankings

The search feature on the Auctiva Commerce Shop page will return search results based on the product Name and Search Keyword fields. If you want your store to be returned in the search results, you will need to optimize these fields for every product in your inventory. Follow these instructions to optimize products for the Auctiva Commerce Shop search results.

Step 1. Find a product.
  • Go to Inventory> Manage Inventory to find the product that will be optimized. Use the search tool if necessary.
  • Click on the "Edit" link to right of the product. The product Details page will load.
Step 2. Optimize Name field.
  • Optimize the Name field entry in the Basic Info section by adding the essential naming information associated with this product. This information will vary from product to product, but the most basic information usually includes the manufacturer's name, model name and model number. For example, if you are optimizing the Name field for a cell phone, the entry could be "RIM Blackberry Curve 8900." Remember that the Name field will display in the search results, so don't add too much information, but be specific enough so that shoppers will recognize the specific item when they are browsing the search results.
Step 3. Optimize Keyword Search field.
  • Optimize the Search Keyword field entry in the Descriptions section by adding descriptive keywords. Separate keywords using commas (e.g., "cell phone, blackberry, curve, 8900"). This field is also used for the search feature on your storefront. The type of keywords you use will vary from product to product. You can also enter keywords that will attract the right type of shopper on the Auctiva Commerce Shop page. If you are a vendor, you may want to add a "vendor" keyword or a "drop ship" keyword. These keywords will not display in search results. It's recommended that you don't enter irrelevant keyword data. This tactic could bring more traffic to your inventory, but it most definitely will not increase sales.
  • Click the Save button when you're finished with your optimizations.

This completes the task of improving your search rankings in the Auctiva Commerce Shop page. You can repeat these steps for every product that you wish to improve in the search rankings. Remember to do this for product accessories, too.


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