How to edit the password policies

Auctiva Commerce allows you to change the password policy for customer and administration profiles. This tutorial will show you how to change the password policies for your Auctiva Commerce store.

What is a Merchant Policy?

A Merchant Policy is the password policy you assign for administrators, vendors, manufacturers and any other users who need privileges to your store administration. You can change these policy settings to require more complex password elements, force these users to change their password after a certain amount of time and impose a variety of additional limitations that increase the level of security.

What is a Customer Policy?

A Customer Policy is the password policy you assign for your customers. The password policy options for customers are nearly the same as the merchant policy options, however there is no Inactivity Period field for customers. This means that customer will always have access to their accounts no matter what level of activity they have with this account. Typically speaking, customer password policies are a little less strict than the merchant policies, simply because there is less of security risk involved with this type of account.

How to edit the password policies

The default password policies in Auctiva Commerce will work for most store owners. If you would like to adjust them for your own convenience and security needs, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1. Edit merchant password policies.
  • In administration, go to Store> Security> Password Policy. This will load the Password Policies page. The following field covers both the Merchant Policy and Customer Policy boxes.
  • Minimum Password Length: Enter the desired minimum length for a password.
  • Required Password Elements: Select the desired password elements from these choices:
    • Uppercase: Select this checkbox to require at least one uppercase character in a password.
    • Lowercase: Select this checkbox to require at least one lowercase character in a password.
    • Numbers: Select this checkbox to require at least one number character in a password.
    • Symbols: Select this checkbox to require at least one symbol character (e.g., "!") in a password.
    • Non-letter: Select this checkbox to require at least one number or symbol in a password. When this field is selected, the Numbers and Symbols field are typically unselected.
  • Maximum Password Age: Enter the maximum number of days merchants can use their passwords before they have to generate a new one. Auctiva Commerce requires this element for merchant profiles. Customer profiles are not required to have a value expressed. When a value is not expressed, the password will not expire.
  • Password History: Enter the number of days passwords will be stored as well as the number of previous password that will be stored. Saved passwords cannot be reused while they are in the password history. Once a password in the password history is cleared, it can be reused by this user. This field is not required for customer profiles. If this field is left blank, customers can use and reuse old passwords as often as desired.
  • Maximum Login Failures: Enter the maximum number of attempts users have to log in to their accounts. Once they have surpassed the designated number, users will be logged out of their accounts. This field is required for both merchant and customer profiles.
  • Lockout Period: Enter the number of minutes users will be unable to access their accounts if they reach the maximum login failures.
  • Inactivity Period: This field is strictly for merchant accounts. Enter the number of months a merchant can go without using their account before the password is deactivated.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

This completes the task of editing the password policies for your Auctiva Commerce store. The changes you have made will be immediately effective.


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