How to edit your draft theme layout

Welcome! The new Auctiva Commerce customization tools allow you to edit the layout and adjust the content that is included on your draft theme's pages. This tutorial will walk you through the process of editing the layout and content of pages on your draft theme(s).

From the Edit Layout tab of the Auctiva Commerce customizations interface there are several different functions that you can use to edit the layout and content of your draft theme pages. Generally speaking all of the content on the page is displayed and controlled via the use of Widgets, while the layout is controlled via the use of sidebars - SideBar1 and Sidebar2. During the inital rollout not all pages can be edited for layout; however it is important to note that changes to widgets are global and will affect all pages that the Widget is used on - even pages that you may not be able to access for direct editing There is one exception, however, and that is the HTML widget. This widget is unique to each instance on every page. To edit your draft theme pages follow the steps noted below.

  1. Step 1: Select the page you want to edit. Using the page selector drop-down choose the page you would like to edit. When you select a page the default layout and widgets for that page will load. The widgets that can be used on the selected page will be shown in the left rail under the Available Widgets column.
  2. Step 2: Change the layout of the page. To change the layout of the page from the default layout click on the ">>" or "<<" arrow icons in the area titled Main Panel. Depending on the state of the sidebar being edited clicking on these arrow icons will either add or delete either Sidebar1 or Sidebar2 from the main panel. Note that if you remove a sidebar that contains widgets the widgets will be removed as well. Once you add a sidebar you can add widgets to it. Currently the layout edits you may make are to add or remove the sidebars. By doing so you can create one column (no sidebars), two column (one sidebar) or three column (two sidebars) layouts.
  3. Step 3: Edit widgets. The page you have selected to edit will load with a default set of widgets - you can edit the widgets that are on the page, and you can also edit the properties of the widgets themselves. It is important to note that changes to widget properties are global and will affect all pages that the widget is used on, except for the HTML widget which is unique to all instances. To edit a widget click on the wrench icon in the lower left corner of the widget you'd like to edit. This will open the widget editor where you can update the available properties of the widget. After making your deisred edits click the Save button. The widget editor will close and the wrench icon will turn red, indicating that the widget has been edited. If you ever want to reset a widget to it's default values click on the wrench icon to open the widget editor and then click on either the Reset Defaults button to reset all of the widget properties to default values, or click on the red arrow next to the widget property you'd like to reset. Click Save when done.
  4. Step 4: Add/Move widgets. You can add widgets to areas of the page in two ways - either by dragging them from the Available Widgets column on the left, or by moving them from one content area of the page to another - for example from the Main Panel to Sidebar1. To drag the widgets just place your cursor over the widget you want to move, "grab" the widget (left mouse click & hold), and drag it to the area you want. When it is in the area you want release the mouse click to drop the widget. The theme will update to display the widget in its new position. Once you have added/moved widgets as you want you can edit them as described in Step 3 above.
  5. Step 5: Preview, Preview, Preview. After adding or editing widgets it is a good idea to preview how the pages will look to your buyers. To preview the actual store pages click on the green Preview button. This will launch your draft store in a Preview window where you can confirm that the widget updates are displaying as you'd like.

That's it!! Once you've edited the widgets on your draft theme and previewed your store you can move on to Custom CSS and/or Custom Images if desired - these are advanced options but can really help your store to stand out. As always, if you need more help you can always find it on the Auctiva Commerce Help Site. Also take a look at our community forums to network with other sellers and see how they're creating great stores.

Happy Selling!


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