How to edit a user account

Auctiva Commerce allows you to edit administrator and customer account information and view the customer's order history. This tutorial will show you how to edit a user account in Auctiva Commerce.

What is a User?

A user is anyone who has a registered account with your store. By default, when a customer creates an order, they are asked to register. It's not required that they register. They can choose to "anonymously" complete the order, which will not require that they create an account. They still will need to enter the mandatory customer information (i.e., shipping address, billing address, etc.) to complete the order. Visitors to your storefront can register without making an order as well. When they register, their information is automatically logged into Auctiva Commerce, too. Additionally, you can manually enter in customer information.

Not all users are customers. You can manually create a user account and assign that individual to a user group that has administration permissions. These types of registered users are allowed access to Auctiva Commerce administration to make changes to your store. You could create these individual accounts for business partners, employees and even manufacturers to give them limited administration privileges.

How to edit a user

You may need to edit a user to change certain properties of a customer's account on behalf of the customer. You can also view the customer's Order History in the Edit User page.

Step 1. Find the user.
  • Go to Admin> Users. The Search for Users page will load.
  • Find the user that will be edited. Use the search tool if necessary.
  • Click on the Edit icon next to the user. This will load the Edit User page.
Step 2. Edit account details.
  • Email: You can change the user's email address if necessary. This email address is the login ID for the user. Any changes made to this field might affect the user's ability to log in to the store.
  • Password: If you need to assign a new password for the user, select the Update Password checkbox. Type in the new password into the Password and Retype fields.
  • Groups: If this user should be assigned to a user group, you can select the appropriate user groups from the list box.
  • Disable Account:  Select this checkbox if you want to disable this user account.
Step 3. Edit billing address.
  • First Name: Edit the first name if necessary.
  • Last Name: Edit the last name if necessary.
  • Company: Edit the company name if necessary.
  • Phone: Edit the phone number if necessary.
  • Street Address 1: Edit the street address if necessary.
  • Street Address 2: Edit the second line for the street address if necessary.
  • City: Edit the city if necessary.
  • State/Province: Edit the state or province if necessary.
  • ZIP/Postal Code: Edit the ZIP or Postal Code if necessary.
  • Country: Edit the country if necessary.
  • Fax: Edit the fax number if necessary.
  • Type: Edit the type of address if necessary.

This completes the task of editing a user account. You can also view a customer's Order History at the bottom of the page. This page can also be accessed per order number when you click on the Customer Profile tab for a specific order.


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