Auctiva Commerce can simultaneously edit a variety of input fields for multiple products using the Bulk Edit feature. Note that the Bulk Edit feature was significantly enhanced with the Auctiva Commerce 2.1 release.

How to do a bulk edit in Auctiva Commerce

Auctiva Commerce can simultaneously edit a large variety of input fields for multiple products using the Bulk Edit feature. This can be a big time saver for merchants who regularly receive new stock and need to update the In Stock values. The Bulk Edit feature is also an easy way to update the featured products section of the storefront with a new group of products. This tutorial will show you how to do a Bulk Edit.

Step 1. Select products.
  • Go to Inventory> Manage Inventory. The Manage Items page will load.
  • Select products by clicking on them or click on the Select All button. A product is selected when the background turns light blue. You can click on the product again to leave it unselected.
  • Click on the Bulk Edit button. The Edit Bulk Items page will load.
  • You can also select products for Bulk Edit by using the new Filter Products widget which is on the Manage Inventory page. Once you have filtered products using the widget click on the Bulk Edit Results link to Bulk Edit the results.
Step 2. Bulk Edit.
  • You may now Bulk Edit up to 29 different variables using the Bulk Edit tool. All of the available variables that you can Bulk Edit are listed at the top of the Bulk Edit page.
  • To select a variable for Bulk Edit click on the checkbox next to the variable name. You may also choose to Select All or Select None. Note that if you Select All the page will expand to accomodate all of the variables and may be quite lenghty.
  • Once you have selected your variables for Bulk Edit you may either update each product row individually, or edit the Master Row and choose to apply each Master Row variable to all the other products on the page. To apply the value of the Master Row variable to the other products on the page click on the down arrow next to the appropriate variable. This will apply the value for that Master Row variable to all the other products on the page. A confirmation dialog will be displayed so that you can confirm your edits before saving them.
  • Once you have completed all of your desired Bulk Edits for the products on the page click SAVE to commit the changes. A green thumbs up symbol will be displayed next to each row after a successful edit is saved. If you change your mind click CANCEL to make any necessary adjustments.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:If you select more than 50 products into the Bulk Edit tool pagination will be applied to the selected product set to break it into sets of 50 products. Bulk Edits are applied to the currently displayed page only!! If there are multiple pages of results you will need to edit each results page individually. In the case of multiple pages of results Auctiva Commerce will provide pagination links at the top of the Bulk Edit page so that you can edit each product set as desired.

This concludes the Bulk Edit process. To exit the Bulk Edit page click on any of the header links or drop-down options.


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