How to customize the Contact Us page on your storefront

You can personalize your storefront Contact Us page to fit your needs. This tutorial will show you how to edit the Contact Us page for a Classic theme.

NOTE: If you are using the Store Designer you can edit the Contact Us page by selecting it from the available pages you can edit on the Edit Layout tab and modifying the content of the page as desired.

What is the Customize Theme View?

The Customize Theme View is a unique feature that allows you to make custom changes to your theme. You can use the Customize Theme View to change the content on the Contact Us page, the Home page and the header and footer of your storefront.

How to customize the Contact Us page

There are two ways of viewing your store. The typical store view is what the customers see when they type in your store URL into an Internet browser. You can view your store in the same manner from the Auctiva Commerce administration when you click on the Store icon in the upper-right corner of the administration. The other store view is the Customize Theme View that allows only administrators to customize certain aspects of the storefront. Customers will not see this view, but they will see the changes you add when you use this function.

Step 1. Launch Customize Theme View.
  • Go to Store > Theme > Classic Theme Options > Customize Store Theme. The Customize Theme View will load. This will look very similar to the typical store view, except that there will be a horizontal customization bar at the bottom of the storefront. You are now at the Home page of your storefront in the Customize Theme View. You need to navigate to the Contact Us page by clicking on the Contact link on your storefront.
  • When you're at the Contact Us page, click on the Customize button (not the Customize Link button) in the customize bar at the bottom of the web page. A pop-up menu will display.
  • Click on the Sidebar or Content button to edit either of these sections. The HTML Editor will load in a new Internet browser window.
  • Make your changes as needed. Be careful to leave coded variables intact if you want them to display on the web page.
  • Click the Preview button to launch another Internet browser window that will display your changes. Close this window when you're done previewing these changes.
  • When you finished with the changes, click the Save Changes button. The changes have been saved and are now live on your storefront.
  • Close the HTML Editor window.
  • In customization bar, click on the Admin link to return to your store administration.

This completes the task of making a customization to your Contact Us page.

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