How to create an "Abandoned Baskets" report

Auctiva Commerce allows you to view the abandoned baskets on your storefront. This can help you assess which items might need some help selling. This tutorial will show you how to create an "Abandoned Baskets" report.

What is an "Abandoned Baskets" report?

The "Abandoned Baskets" report displays a list of the total abandoned baskets per day for each month. An abandoned basket is an item or multiple items that a customer added to the basket on the storefront and failed to complete the checkout. In other words, these are items that were added to a basket, but for some reason were not purchased by the customer. This type of report can also show you what items were in the abandoned cart.

How to create an "Abandoned Baskets" report

The "Abandoned Baskets" report creates a list separated by each day of a selected month. A bar graph will also display with the total amount divided by each basket (y-axis) versus the days in the month (x-axis).

Step 1. Create the report.
  • Go to Reports> Customers> Abandoned Baskets. The "Abandoned Baskets" report will load displaying data from the current month by default.
  • Month: Select which month that will display the abandoned baskets data.
  • Year: Select which year that will display the abandoned baskets data.
  • The Previous and Next buttons can be used to move from month to month if needed.
  • Date: The abandoned baskets data is separated in the list by each day per month in this column.
  • No. of Baskets: This column displays the number of abandoned baskets per day.
  • Total Amount: This column displays the total amount in the abandoned basket(s) per day.

Step 2. View abandoned basket details.

  • Click on the Details link per Date field to view the Abandoned Baskets page for that day.
  • Hover the mouse over the Magnify icon to view the item(s) in the abandoned basket(s).
  • Click on the Magnify icon if you wish to view the subtotal amount per item.
  • Click on the back button on your browser to return to the desired page.

This completes the task of creating an "Abandoned Baskets" report.


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