How to create a "Low Inventory" report

Auctiva Commerce allows you to track inventory and display reports that list low inventory items. This can be a useful feature for restocking your inventory. This tutorial will show you how to create a "Low Inventory" report.

What is a "Low Inventory" report?

The "Low Inventory" report is a list of items that have reached their low inventory value using the inventory tracking system. The "Low Inventory" report displays the In Stock field and the Low Stock field. These fields are editable so that you or an inventory clerk can update the inventory levels within the report itself.

How to create a "Low Inventory" report

Creating a "Low Inventory" report will display the items in your store that have the Inventory Tacking enabled and are currently at or below the Low Stock value defined in the product details.

Step 1. Create the report.
  • Go to Reports> Products> Low Inventory. The "Low Inventory" report will load. If data does not appear, then products with Inventory Tracking enabled have not reached the Low Stock value.
  • Name: This column displays the product name. You can click on the column to alphabetically sort products. You can also click on a product name to view the product Details page for each product listed in the report.
  • In Stock: This column displays the In Stock value for each product. This value represents the number of products that you have in stock. You can click on the column to sort products by this value. You can also edit the value for each product if you happen to be restocking these products.
  • Low Stock: This column displays the Low Stock value for each product. When the In Stock value reaches the Low Stock value, an email notification will be sent to your email account. You can also edit this value per product if necessary.
  • Click on the Save button if you have made any edits to the In Stock and Low Stock fields.

This completes the task of creating a "Low Inventory" report.


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