How to create a "Coupon Usage" report

Auctiva Commerce allows you to create a report that displays coupon usage details in various increments of time. This can be used to help measure the effectiveness of coupon promotions. This tutorial will show you how to create a "Coupon Usage" report.

What is a "Coupon Usage" report?

The "Coupon Usage" report is a list of each coupon that can be sorted by Order Count (i.e., total uses) and Order Total. You can also view coupon usage details that show the order number, date, product subtotal amount and order total for every use of the specific coupon.

How to create a "Coupon Usage" report

Creating a "Coupon Usage" report will return a list separated by each coupon that has been used. Coupons that have not been used in the time increment expressed in the report will not display in the report.

Step 1. Create the report.
  • Go to Reports> Marketing> Coupon Usage. This will load the "Coupon Usage" report.
  • Time Period: Select the appropriate increment of time that will display coupon usage data. If no data displays in the report, try changing the Time Period. Only coupons that have been used at least once will display in this report.
  • Coupon: This column displays each coupon. Click on this column to alphabetically sort the coupons.
  • Order Count: This column displays the amount of usage per coupon. Click on this column to sort the list by the amount of uses.
  • Order Total: This column displays the total amount of the order(s) per coupon. Click on this column to sort the list by the order total.

Step 2. View coupon usage details.

  • Click on the "Details" link for a coupon to view the coupon usage details. This will load the Sales by Coupon Code page. All orders that have used this coupon will be listed.
  • Order #: This column displays the order number. Click on the order number if you want to view the order details.
  • Date: This column displays the date the order was placed.
  • Products: This column displays the specific amount of the order for products only.
  • Total: This column displays the total order amount.
  • Click on the "Go to Summary Report" link at the bottom of the page to return to the "Coupon Usage" report.

This completes the task of creating the "Coupon Usage" report.


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