On May 26, 2012 all websites must offer all visitors from the European Union (EU) opt-in consent tools to allow cookies that pass information about their browsing activities to 3rd parties. As of May 24, 2012 Auctiva Commerce has been upgraded to comply with the new EU requirements.

What does this mean for me?

By default Auctiva Commerce will display an opt-in message to all EU visitors to Auctiva Commerce sites allowing them to either accept or deny cookies. Their response will be recorded so that they will only need to accept or deny once. If they accept cookies there will be no impact to your store or analytics reporting. If they deny cookies we will not be able to set Google Analytics cookies which will impact your Google Analytics reporting.

NOTE: Even if they deny cookies there should be no impact to the operation of your store as shopping cart cookies are exempted from the Cookie Law

You can customize the message shown to your users and the text for the Accept/Deny buttons via Store > Configure > Store Settings.


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