How to change the Email Settings in Auctiva Commerce

This tutorial will explain what the email settings are and how to change them.

How to change the email settings

The basic email settings can be changed if necessary. Below is an explanation of each of the settings.

Step 1. Change email settings.
  • Go to Marketing> Email> Settings.
  • Default 'from' address: This field is locked. The default From Address for all automated email notifications will always appear from ""
  • Subscription 'from' address: This field is locked. The default From Address for all email list subscription emails will always appear from ""
  • Subscription request expiration: ¬†Enter the number of days that a customer has in order to activate an "Opt-in with Verification" email list subscription. When this time frame expires a customer will need to opt-in again and activate their subscription. A customer activates their email list subscription when the click on the activation link in the email notification that is sent after the select the email list sign-up checkbox. If the "Opt-in with Verification" expires, a customer will need to log in at the storefront, view their account, select the appropriate email list checkbox under the Communication Preferences section and click the Update Communication Preferences link. This will send the "Opt-in with Verification" email notification.
  • Default Email List: Select an email list as the default email list for your store.
  • ¬†Send to Friend: Select the email template that will be used when a customer uses the "Send to Friend" feature on the storefront. You should leave this at the "Send product to friend" option unless you've created a new email template to take its place.
  • Click on the Save button when you're finished.
  • This completes the task of changing the email settings in Auctiva Commerce.


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