How to change Classic themes in Auctiva Commerce

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Auctiva Commerce has a variety of store themes that you can apply to your store. This tutorial will show you how to change the store theme for a Classic theme.

NOTE: If you are using a Store Designer Theme these instructions do not apply to you. Use this tutorial if you are using a Store Designer Theme.

What is a Store Theme?

A store theme is the your storefront appearance. Auctiva Commerce has a myriad of custom theme options that you can apply to your store. Additionally, a different theme can be chosen at the product level so that customers will see a different theme when they view a product. It's important to note that when you do change a theme, any customizations done to the Home page and Contact page will be removed. You will need to add these customizations again whenever you change from one theme to another.

How to change the Store Theme

When you change the store them, all areas of the storefront will display differently. It's a good idea to preview the themes in the Theme Manager before applying a new theme. When a new theme is applied, your store is instantly updated with this new theme. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any customizations you have applied to your store will be deleted when you switch to a new theme. It is highly recommended that you back up any customizations before you switch themes so that you may easily re-apply after selecting a new theme.

Step 1. Change the Store Theme.
  • Go to Store > Theme > Classic Theme Options > Classic Theme Manager. The Classic Themes File Manager will load and each theme thumbnail image appears. Your current theme will have a red outline around the thumbnail image.
  • To preview a theme in closer detail, click on a theme.
  • You can close the theme by clicking the Close button in the upper-left corner. Or, if you want to apply the theme to your store, click on the Apply Theme button. The Theme Manager page will load and display a "Successfully Saved" message.

The theme will be automatically updated. Check your storefront to make sure you've made the theme change you want.

How to change the theme for a product

It's possible to change the theme just for a particular product. If the theme assigned to a product is different from the store's theme, the storefront appearance will change when a customer clicks on that product.

Step 1. Change the theme for a product.
  • Go Inventory> Manage Inventory.
  • Find the product that will have the theme changed by navigating through the categories.
  • Click on the Edit link of the product. The product's Details page will load.
  • In the Display Options section, select the desired theme in the Theme field.
  • Click on the Save button to finish.

This completes the task of changing a theme for a product. Always view your storefront to make sure the changes you've made are what you want.


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