How to capture a payment

This tutorial will show you how to capture funds that have been authorized by an integrated billing processor.

Prior to capturing funds, the integrated billing processor will need to have authorized the transaction. You can check to see if the order has an "Authorized" payment status by viewing the Status field in the Payments page (end of Step 1). Read the "How to authorize a payment" tutorial for more information.

Step 1. View the Payments page.

If the Payments page is loaded, skip ahead to Step 2.

  • Go to Order Manager by clicking on the Orders icon located in the upper-right corner of the Auctiva Commerce administration.
  • Find the order to be captured. Use the search tool if necessary. Click on the "Details" link to the right of the order to load the Summary page of the order.
  • Click on the Payments tab. This will load the Payments page that displays the order payment processing details.
Step 2. Capture Payment.
  • Tasks: Select the Capture Payment option and click on the Enter icon to the right of the task. The "Capture Pending" payment status will appear until funds are captured.
  • If the payment status returns "Capture Failed," you can use the Tasks options to retry the capture. If this problem persists, it's up to you on how you proceed. It's a good idea to see the transaction notes to confirm what is causing the problem. Follow up with the customer if they need to provide a new method of payment.

When the payment status does display "Captured," the transaction is complete.


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