How to authorize a payment

Ideally, an order will be automatically authorized by the integrated billing processor soon after the order is placed. This tutorial will show you how to authorize a payment using an integrated billing processor.

You can easily check the payment status of an order by following these instructions:

Step 1. Go to the Order Manager page.
  • Go to Order Manager by clicking on the Orders icon located in the upper-right corner of the Auctiva Commerce administration.
  • Find the order. Use the search tool if necessary.
  • Click on the "Details" link to the right of the order to load the Summary page for the order.
  • Click on the Payments tab. This will load the Payments page.
  • Locate the Status field. This is the Payment Status. If the payment status is "Authorized," you can continue to process the payment by capturing the funds. If the payment status is "Unprocessed," continue with Step 2 to authorize the payment. If the payment status is "Authorization Pending," the billing processor is attempting to authorize the payment. You should check this order later to see if it authorized. If the payment status is "Authorize Failed," you can try again to authorize the payment (see Step 2). If it continues to fail, you should consider contacting the customer to try a different credit card or payment method.
Step 2. Authorize payment.
  • Select "Authorize" from the Task field and click on the Enter icon. This will start the authorization transaction. It could take several minutes to complete the authorization. Authorization is complete when the payment status is "Authorized."

This completes the task of authorizing a payment. Next, you will need to capture the funds. Read the "How to capture a payment" tutorial for more information.


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