How to assign a product to multiple categories

A product can be associated with multiple categories within your storefront. Some products might not fit into just one category.

Step 1. Assign Multiple Categories to a product.
  • Go to Inventory> Manage Inventory.
  • Navigate to the product that will be assigned to multiple categories. Use the search tool if necessary.
  • Click on the product. The background will turn light blue when product is selected.
  • Locate the categories to assign to this product in the Categories box.
  • Click on the Add Category icon (to the right of the category name) of each of the categories that you want to assign to this product. You will see that the new categories are updated in the product details.

This completes the task of assigning multiple categories to a product. You can do this same process for multiple products at one time by selecting additional products. It's a good idea to view the storefront whenever you've made significant changes to categories. Make sure they appear the way you intended. Also check to make sure the navigation on the storefront is ideal for the categories you've created.

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