How to add or edit Countries

Auctiva Commerce allows you to add or edit the available countries in your store to suit your specific needs. You can add, edit or delete countries as required. IMPORTANT NOTE - If you add or edit a country be sure to use the correct country code. A list of ISO country codes can be found Here.

Add/Delete/Edit a Country

  • In Auctiva Commerce administration, go to Store > Shipping > Countries.
  • On the Countries page, you will see an alphabetical list of all available countries in the left section, and the Add Country form in the right section.
  • To add a country, use the Add Country section in the right-panel. Enter the Country Code, Name, and Address Format if needed. Click the ADD button when finished.
  • The Country Code is a two-digit ISO code. This is only used when you add a new country. A list of ISO country codes can be found Here.
  • If you want to edit an existing country, click the EDIT icon for the country you want to change. This will load the country details in the edit panel on the right where they can be edited. Click the SAVE button when finished.
  • To delete a country and ALL of its provinces, click the DELETE icon (the RED X).

Note that edits to your installed countries or provinces will be immediately reflected on your storefront. If, for example, you delete Aruba from your list of countries the drop-downs used for shipping estimation and during Checkout will no longer contain Aruba.


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