How to add a Webpage to your store

Auctiva Commerce allows you to add a custom webpage to your storefront. This is a good way to add a page for special deals, store policies and other important information. This tutorial will show you how to add and customize a webpage in Auctiva Commerce.

What is a webpage?

A custom webpage is a unique webpage that can contain information that otherwise doesn't fit into the typical storefront architecture. You can create as many webpages as you'd like, although it may be difficult to link to more than just a couple webpages from the Home page of your storefront.

How to add a webpage

Adding a webpage to your storefront will create a new page for you to customize and add unique content.

Step 1. Add a webpage.
  • Go to Store> WebPages.
  • In Add WebPages box, click on the Webpage icon. The Add Webpage page will load.
Step 2. Edit the webpage.
  • Page Title: Enter in the title of the webpage. This title will appear in the HTML title and webpage header.
  • Thumbnail: This field will allow you to link to a thumbnail image when an image is needed to display with the webpage. Currently there are no display settings that will show a webpage thumbnail. If you want to add an image, click on the Binoculars icon to find an image. Click on the Add icon to add the image.
  • Alt Text: Enter in the alternative text for the thumbnail image if you've added an image.
  • Summary: Enter in the summary information about this webpage. This field can display on category listings or directories.
  • Page Content: Enter in the page content. You can use the supplied HTML editor by clicking the HTML Editor icon. When using the HTML editor, make sure to click on the Save icon to save any changes. The HTML editor will automatically update this field.
  • HTML Head: Enter in any HTML specifically for the HTML HEAD of this webpage. This is where you can enter META data if you desire.
  • Theme: Choose a theme for this webpage. You can click on the Preview button to preview the webpage before saving it.
  • To get the exact URL for this webpage, click on the preview button. The URL will be your store URL with this unique URL appended to it. For example, the URL of a webpage would look like "" More information about webpage URLs is provided in the section below.
  • Click on the Save button when you're finished making changes to the webpage.

Webpage URLs and Links

The URL for the webpage is generated using the Page Title field. The URL will be the Page Title with the spaces replaced by dashes, the non-alphanumeric symbols completely removed and a unique identifier added to the end. To find the exact URL, you will need to click on the preview button in the Edit Webpage page. For example, if the value for the Page Title is "Joe's Amazing Deals", the URL would be the root store URL with "/Joes-Amazing-Deals-W145.aspx" appended.

You can create links to the webpages that you create within the Home page and Contact Page. While customizing the header and footer of these pages is possible, it can be a bit cumbersome within existing template designs. It's up to you how you want to link to these additional webpages. We recommend you read the "How to add a Link in your Home page" tutorial for more information.


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