How to add a vendor in Auctiva Commerce

A vendor is an outside supplier that you buy from to add new items to your store. An example of a vendor would be a cell phone retailer that you buy phones from to stock your store.

Add a vendor

You can associate a product with a vendor when you upload a new item. You can also include the vendor's e-mail address for drop-ship capabilities.

Assigning products to vendors will also help you see which of your products come from which outside suppliers.

Step 1. Add a vendor.
  • Go to Admin> Vendors.
  • Type in the desired name in the Add Vendor box.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Enter the Vendor's e-mail address if desired. This is not required.
  • Click the Save button.

You should see the newly created Vendor in the Vendors page. You can edit or delete Vendors by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons on this page. You can individually assign vendors to products. This must be done per product in the product Details page. Go to Inventory> Manage Inventory. Find the product, click the Edit link and find the Vendor field in the Inventory Control section.


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