How to add a Link in your Home page

Adding links in your store footer to other webpages on your store is great way to customize your storefront. This tutorial will show you how to add links to your store footer for a Classic theme.

What is a Link?

A link is a HTML hyperlink that allows visitors to view other webpages that you have created. Links can be added to the footer using the Customize Theme View feature that allows you to edit different sections of the webpage (e.g., header, footer, side bar and/or body).

What is the Customize Theme View?

The Customize Theme View is a unique feature that allows you to make custom changes to your theme. You can use the Customize Theme View to change the content in certain portions of your storefront.

How to add or edit a footer link

In this tutorial, you will add a link in the footer.

Step 1. Launch the Customize Store Theme View for Footer Links.
  • Go to Store > Theme > Classic Theme Options > Customize Store Theme. The Customize Theme View will load. This will look very similar to the typical store view, except that there will be a horizontal customization bar at the bottom of the storefront. You are now at the Home page of your storefront in the Customize Theme View. If you want to customize the Footer Links click on the Customize Links link.
  • A window will pop up that allows you to add up to four new links to your footer. You can also update the name of the existing links if you desire.
Step 2. Add Links.
  • To add a new link click on the first empty "Link Text" text box in the Footer Links window. Enter your desired link text. Next, click on the adjoining "Link Path" textbox and enter the URL path that links to the webpage. Note that the link path must begin with a "/" and must link to an Auctiva Commerce page–most likely a Custom WebPage that you have previously created. Read the Custom WebPages tutorial for more instructions on how to create new webpages for your store.
  • Repeat the above process for any additional links you wish to create.
  • When you're finished adding or editing links, click the Save Links button. The link changes have now been saved and are live on your storefront. The Footer Links window will automatically close after clicking on Save Links.
  • In customization bar, click on the Admin link to return to your store administration site.

This completes the task of adding or editing links on your footer. Note that the pages you link to should already exist before adding links to them or the system will reach an error. Remember that your customization changes will need to be saved when a new theme is chosen for your store. When the change occurs, the Theme Manager will prompt you to save the customizations.


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