Auctiva Commerce allows you to create and edit email templates that can send notifications to customers. The email template design can be customized using NVelocity to display a multitude of order information. This tutorial will show you how to use NVelocity to conditionally add Tracking Numbers to your Order Shipped email template.

  1. Step 1: Navigate to Marketing > Email > Templates. Once the list of Email Templates loads click on the notepad icon for the Email Template you want to edit. In this case we will be editing the Order Shipped template.
  2. Step 2: Add Shipment Tracking HTML / NVelocity code to the template. Add this code (do not include quotes):

    "<p> Your package is being shipped by $order.CarrierName. #if($order.TrackingNumber!="")The Tracking Number is $order.TrackingNumber #end</p>"

    to the Order Shipped email template where you would like the tracking message to appear. A suggested placement is shown below.
  3. Suggested Tracking HTML / NVelocity code placement in the Order Shipped email template: "If you would like to view your order, manage addresses, update your email, or customize other options, please visit your personal My Account page.

    <p> Your package is being shipped by $order.CarrierName. #if($order.TrackingNumber!="")The Tracking Number is $order.TrackingNumber #end</p>

    Thank you for shopping with us. $store.Name."

  4. IMPORTANT NOTES. The sample code shown above will display the shipping method, followed by the Tracking Number IF one is entered on the Shipments tab in the merchant admin. Even if a Tracking Number is not entered the above code will still show the shipping method used to ship the order.

You can use similar logic to update other email templates as desired. The Auctiva Commerce NVelocity Help Article may be useful as you are making your email template edits. You can also get help from other Auctiva Commerce users on the Auctiva Commerce Community Forums.

Happy Selling!


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