How to add a shipping zone to your Auctiva Commerce store

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Auctiva Commerce has a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to set up multiple shipping methods for your store. These shipping zones allow you to define where products can be delivered. This tutorial will describe what a shipping zone is and how to add new shipping zones.

What is a shipping zone?

A shipping zone is a defined geographical area that is assigned to a shipping method. Customers with a shipping address within a shipping zone of a particular shipping method will be able to use that method of shipping. If the customer's shipping address is not within the shipping zone, the customer will not be able to purchase the product. In this way, you can keep your stores reach within the geographical areas you prefer. In addition, shipping zones can help you charge accurate prices for orders that ship to different regions of the world. For example, a U.S. merchant can create a Canada shipping zone to assess shipping charges for all shipments made to customers in Canada. This works well for international shipments where the shipping cost varies from country to country. By default, Auctiva Commerce provides a Contiguous U.S. shipping zone and a zone for Alaska and Hawaii. If you need to add a different zone, follow these steps:

Step 1. Add a shipping zone.
  • Go to Store> Shipping> Zones
  • Locate the Add Shipping Zone box in the right column and type in a name for the shipping zone in the Name field.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Countries: choose All Countries or choose Select Countries to select individual countries associated with this specific shipping zone.
  • Provinces: choose All Provinces or choose Select Provinces to select individual provinces. If you do not see the provinces you're looking for, you can add/edit provinces.
  • Postal Codes: enter specific Postal Codes (or, Zip Codes) for this shipping method. Separate multiple Postal Codes with commas. You can also use the "*" as a wild card.
  • Hit the Save button to finish.

That completes adding a new shipping zone. Shipping zones can be edited or deleted by clicking on the Edit and Delete buttons. You can continue to add more shipping zones to meet the needs of your customers and expand your shipping territory.


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