How to add Payment Methods in Auctiva Commerce

Everybody wants to get paid. And, the Payment Methods feature in Auctiva Commerce makes transactions easy for both you and your customers. This tutorial will show you how to add a payment type so that you can give your customers a variety of payment options when they reach checkout.

What is a Payment Type?

A payment type is the way a customer will pay for an order. You can offer to your customers various payment typess to choose from (e.g. PayPal, credit cards, etc.). Many payment types also need a payment gateway that can automate order processing with a billing processor.

What is a Payment Gateway?

There are many payment types to choose from that you may put to use in your store. Of these options, some also need a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a line of communication between your store and a third-party billing processor that automatically processes electronic payments. For a payment gateway to work, you need a third party provider (e.g., Authorize.Net, PayPal, etc.). For more information, please see the "Introduction to Payment Gateways" tutorial. It's not mandatory for every payment type to have a payment gateway. See the next section of this tutorial for more information about which payment types require a payment gateway.

Payment types

Auctiva Commerce provides a comprehensive list of payment options. These options make it easier for both you and your customers to make a transaction. Let's look at what payment types are available to you, so you can decide which you'll make available to your customers.

  • Purchase Order: The Purchase Order payment method is paid by the customer with a purchase order. This is typical of business to business commerce or an option provided to select customers. Customers are asked to enter the Purchase Order number upon checkout.
  • Payment by Mail: The Payment by Mail payment method allows your customers to pay for purchases using offline payment methods such as checks or money orders. The customer chooses this option during checkout and is presented with payment remittance information on the Receipt page.
  • Credit Cards: American Express, Diner's Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa are all available payment method options. Card holding customers pay using their credit card information. Credit card payment types must be processed using an integrated billing processor (see the above Payment Gateway section).
  • PayPal: The PayPal payment type is paid for by the customer with their PayPal account information. You must setup a PayPal payment gateway to process these transactions.

Add a payment type

In the following steps, we will add a new method of payment. When a payment method is added it's instantly applied to your store and will be available to customers.

Step 1. Add a payment type.
  • Go to Store > Payments.
  • On the Payments page, choose a payment type.
  • Set up the payment type selected.
  • To allow all customers to use this payment type, make sure to enable it using the checkbox controls on the page.
  • Click on the Save button.

It's good practice to make sure the payment type is displaying properly by checking it on your storefront.

Payment Tips

  • If your store deals with a high volume of orders, then you may want to consider using a payment type that utilizes an integrated billing processor, such as PayPal Website Payments Pro or
  • Always, always, always test payment types to ensure they're working properly.


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