How to add Custom Images

Welcome! The new Auctiva Commerce customization tools allow you to upload custom images which you can then use on your store. The images uploaded here are distinct from your product images in that they are not resized upon upload. So, if you want to change the background of a theme or upload a favicon image you can do it here and incorporate it into your store using our Custom CSS functionality.

  1. Step 1: Click on the Upload button. Clicking the Upload button will direct you to the same Auctiva Image Uploader that you are used to from uploading product images. Once the image uploader loads on your page browse to the image folder on your computer and the available images will be displayed in the top half on the image uploader. Select the images you want to upload and click on the Add button. This will move them to the pending upload pane in the image uploader (the bottom half). Once you have all the custom images you want to upload in the pending upload pane click the blue UPLOAD button to upload the images.
  2. Step 2: Return to Custom Images tab. Once the upload completes click on your broweser's back button to return to the Custom Images tab. The images you have uploaded with their URL should now appear on the page. You can now utilize the custom images you have uploaded on your storefront.
  3. Notes. The maximum image size you can upload is one mega-byte (1 MB).

Now that you've upoaded Custom Images you can use them on your storefront. When combined with the functionality of the Custom CSS tab you can really customize the look of your store. As always, if you need more help you can always find it on the Auctiva Commerce Help Site. Also take a look at our community forums to network with other sellers and see how they're creating great stores.

Happy Selling!


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