How to add and organize a category in your inventory contents

Categories are critical components to organizing your store that will help customers find what they're shopping for. The tasks of adding and organizing categories are necessary for creating a useable store. This tutorial will show you how to add new categories and keep your inventory organized.

What is a category?

A category is like a container that holds inventory items. As the merchant, you can add a category to contain a group of similar products. For example, if you sell consumer electronics in your Auctiva Commerce store, you can add a category called "Cameras & Photo" that will contain all the camera-related products you sell. Additionally, your customers will navigate your storefront using these categories. The name you give a category becomes the name of the link or button that customers will click on to view products of that category. So, choose your store category names wisely.

How to add a category

Adding a category will create a container to which you can add additional inventory content items. A category that you add will be a name of a product category (e.g., Sporting Goods) that your customers will click on to view related products.

Step 1. Add a category.
  • Go to Inventory> Add/Manage Categories.
  • Click on the Add Category link to add a new category.
  • Enter the name of your new category in the Add Category box that loads on the right of the page. Use the drop-downs to choose whether it is a Top-level category or a Subcategory. Also choose whether the Category is Public, Hidden or Private via the drop-down. Click the Add Category button to add the category.
  • It is recommended that you also map your new store category to a Google Merchant Center category when you create it. It is required that you map your new store category to an Auctiva Marketplace Platform Category when you create it. That way any products created with the new store category will be automatically associated to the Google Base category and/or Auctiva Marketplace Platform Category that you have mapped to. To map to the Google Merchant Center category and/or Auctiva Marketplace Platform Category navigate to a matching category in each tree and click on it.
  • Once you have completed the above steps click on the Add Category button at the bottom of the page. This will save the new store category and any associated Google Base and Auctiva Marketplace Platform Category mappings.

The category has now been added to your store. You can edit, move, delete and sort the category using the My Store Categories box on the left of the page. To edit the category name or mappings click on it. To move or delete the category use the controls that are in the My Store Categories box.

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