Getting Started with your Auctiva Commerce Store

Welcome! Your Auctiva Commerce store is a powerful tool that manages a comprehensive ecommerce backend with inventory control, shipping solutions and payment integration. In addition, your Auctiva Commerce store also provides a user-friendly storefront experience for your customers. It's all about creating a great shopping experience for everyone.

The most important feature is that it's your store. You choose how to market, sell and deliver your products to your customers. But, before you process a single order, you need to setup your store. Follow this setup list in order to ensure a seamless initial setup of your store. You can always go back and make adjustments and enhancements later on but following this Quick Start guide will enable you to have your store up and running as soon as possible.

  1. Auctiva Commerce Store Setup: Go to the store's Dashboard and navigate to Store, Configure, Store Settings. From here you can set the basic options for your store. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Store Settings tutorial for more information.
  2. Auctiva Commerce Warehouse Setup: Click on the Set up Warehouse link in the Setup Module at the bottom of the page to complete the set up a default Warehouse. Your default Warehouse is the primary location you ship goods from. Setting a default warehouse now makes the rest of the setup more seamless and efficient, especially if you use Integrated Shipping. Your default warehouse will in most cases be your business address. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Warehouse tutorial for more information.
  3. Auctiva Commerce Shipping Setup: Click on the Warehouse link in the Setup Module at the bottom of the page to create a Shipping Method. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Custom Shipping Methods tutorial for more information. If you prefer to use an Integrated Carrier such as UPS or FedEx you can set up an integrated carrier via the Integrated Shipping Carriers link on the Store Setup section of the dashboard page. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Integrated Shipping Carriers tutorial for more information.
  4. Auctiva Commerce Payment Gateway Setup: Click on the Payments link in the Setup Module at the bottom of the page to create a Payment Method. This will direct you to the Payments page where you can quickly add your preferred Payment types. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Payment Gateway tutorial for more information.
  5. Auctiva Commerce Theme Setup: Click on the Design link in the Setup Module at the bottom of the page to select and customize your design. This will direct you to the Store Designer. Once on the Store Desinger page click on the Theme which you are interested in possibly applying to your store to view it in larger detail. If you like it, click on Apply Theme. This will now apply the theme to your store. One theme is applied you can customize it using the Store Designer. You can also come back and change your theme at any time. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Store Designer tutorials for more information.
  6. Auctiva Commerce Taxes setup: Taxes can be complicated and vary greatly from vendor to vendor. Please see the "Setting up Taxes" tutorial for a more instructions on tax setup. A default "Taxable" Tax code is provided for you upon initial setup. To add a Tax Rule (i.e.: 7.25 % sales tax in California) to this Tax Code go to Store > Taxes > Tax Rules and add the appropriate information for the Tax Rule via the form on the right side of the page.
  7. Auctiva Commerce Store Inventory: Now that your store settings, shipping methods and payment methods are configured, you can focus on putting products on your Auctiva Commerce store. To quickly start adding Inventory go to the Inventory > Manage Inventory link via the navigation bar menus. Please see the Auctiva Commerce Product Entry tutorial for more information.

Managing product categories, product details and product images can be a daunting task. There's a lot of ground to cover and depending on what kind of products you'll be selling, you may have a lot of customizing to do. But, don't worry, are many more tutorials on the Help Section that you can use to make the process much easier. Also take a look at our community forums to network with other sellers and see how they're creating great stores.

Happy Selling!


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