Yes. When a customer orders multiple items, a box will load at checkout that asks the customer if they'd like to ship the order to multiple locations. The Customer can click the "Multiple Destinations" button which will take them to add new addresses and choose the appropriate shipping per item. When they are finished with making shipping address selections, they will click on the Continue button and choose the shipping methods. Finally, they will confirm the order and choose a payment method to complete the order.

You can also manually create new shipments after an order has been placed. It's up to you in this situation to work with the customer to enter in the new shipping information and create a new payment for the shipping charges. A new shipment can be created in the Shipments page for an order. Click on the Orders icon, find the order, click on the Details link and click on the Shipments tab. You'll find the New Shipment button at the bottom of the page.


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