Yes. You may need to change a shipping address for a customer’s order. Consider that you should also verify the identity of the customer and that you may also need to add shipping charges when this occurs. Follow these instructions to change a shipping address for an existing order:

Step 1. Find the order number.
  • Click the Orders icon in the upper-right corner. This will take you to the Order Manager.
  • Find the order that needs the changes applied to it. Use the search tools if necessary. Click the "Details" link of the order number of the shipment you need to edit. This will load the Summary page.
Step 2. Change the address of the order.
  • Click the Edit Addresses tab.
  • Enter the appropriate changes to each of the corresponding shipments.
  • Click the Save Changes button.
Step 3. Verify the change.
  • Click the Summary link.
  • The updated shipping address should be displayed in the Ship To portion of the order except when there are multiple addresses for multiple shipments. Click on the Shipments tab to review multiple shipments to make sure the addresses are correct. You can make additional changes to billing and shipping addresses by clicking the Edit Addresses link if necessary.


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